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The day Obama became Prez

United States of America

Streaming into my Canadian bedroom.


Well today is one of those special days in history. Barack Hussein Obama became the President of the USA.

I was at home sick, so I was able to catch a fair bit of the parade live, streaming onto my bed. Man! Americans are fond of the marching band. I guess it’s the best band for a parade. Lots and lots of people all blurred into one. Streams of fervent people and dreaming about what this day means, and could mean.

Michelle and Barack Obama were so patient and kept their waves and smiles going the whole day.  She had on some pretty high heels as well so musta had sore feet. I think she took them off as when they left it looked as if she was getting back into them.

The live facebook stream was great to see what folk were saying and thinking. Lots of pride to be an American today. Lots of love and shout outs for the Prez. Michelle is liked too and especially that they were dancing and wearing nice clothes. Yellow with green gloves. Wouldn’t have chosen it myself but then I am not one who suits yellow.  Hope is a word used a lot and pride. And HAPPY. Everyone is happy. It’s great. With this kind of hype let’s hope people really do take it to heart and be part of the change.  Go Obama. People are very proud to be an American today.

The live streaming (actually they had 3-4 live streams) was awesome – what a great way for people to tune in – lots of people were working and facebook also stayed working.

People are now wondering what the First Lady will wear to the 10 official balls they are attending. Apparently they will dance and comment at each one.  I wonder if there is an unofficial ball he’s also going to. Ha ha I guess 10 is probably enough.

One lady is saying he gives her a reason to live. She’s going on and on….and the reporter is keeping her going. Talking shit, on and on – Molly Larson from Albuquerque .  She thinks the reporter has a link into the President and says if you could pass on a message when you see him. Please.

People are stoked to have finally gotten rid of Bush. His sad sorry speech on his welcome home was full of crap. Thank Christ he’s gone.

Two Million people came to Washington to see him today – the crowd went crazy and it was freezing. Then there was facebook and people wrote candidly about what they are feeling.  They’re really emotional. Pomp and circumstance has now entered their vernacular.

Obama had massive security 20,000 people to keep him safe. When the president stopped the car and got out everyone went nuts and the facebook chat was so frightened for him – no doubt because of Kennedy’s assassination. They were saying “get back in the car!” “I’m scared!” “You gonna get shot!”

Poor guy can’t walk in his own parade – what a sorry state of affairs.

His speech fantastic:

“Our nation is taking a step forward and moving in the right direction”  “the greatest day in American history”  “a new era of responsibility”  is what Obama said.

Well I certainly hope so. Down with greed and consumption!  I can’t wait.


The day Obama became Prez

The day Obama became Prez.