About the green-eyed kiwi

The green-eyed kiwi has got a big red pack. She’s got time on her hands, a smile on her face and the desire to understand. She’s young and trusting, malleable in her opinions, and is making sense of the world. She’s savvy, independent and smart, yet dresses down, mingles with everyone, doesn’t always bite her tongue and stays safe (well, mainly).

Through travel and observation of the simple things around us she’s going to explore and shed light on issues and situations. She’s really interested in environment, food, travel and social justice and looks at things  from perspective of a visitor who wants to know more, know you, know herself.

Through this journey, and with your help, she gains a perspective on life, the world, people and the environment.  She wants you to come to your own conclusions, question her if she’s wrong, provide the right evidence, new solutions and food for thought. She wants you to think.

We all make our choices – how can they be more conscious? Let’s find out together.

BTW if you care about credibility, this green eyed kiwi has had a couple of careers (teaching English and environmental policy) and has a couple of degrees that have helped inform where she’s at. She’s now lived and worked in 8 countries and travelled around in 30 others. And yes, she’s green, green-eyed and a kiwi (from NZ). Enjoy my thoughts, please add your own.


I'd love your thoughts or to hear your experiences.

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